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Double Down Bottle From Tricor Braun

Released: Thu, 02/11/2010 - 14:46 By Anonymous
TricorBraun Drohlich Associates, Inc.
Contact Person :
Michael Drohlich

TricorBraun received first place awards for a package that mixes two ingredients in mid- air.

Double Down is a spot remover that is made from two ingredients that cannot be mixed until they are applied to a garment or carpet. TricorBraun helped develop a package that evenly mixes both ingredients in mid-air before they are applied. The bottle was developed for Hillyard, Inc., a Missouri-based manufacturer and distributor of janitorial products, sanitary supplies and equipment.
A single, custom-designed, snap-finish closure is attached to two interlocking containers and consistently mixes the stream of chemicals one inch after they leave the cap and before the cleaning agent reaches the soiled area.
Two ergonomically shaped, 16-ounce, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin containers are permanently joined by a locking mechanism that is molded to the sides of the containers.  The molds also were custom-designed by TricorBraun.
From one container, peroxide is dispensed which brightens and deodorizes the laundry or carpet spot.  The second ingredient, a polymer with surfactant, is dispensed from the adjoining bottle, and it encapsulates the remaining residue.  The soil is either washed out in the laundry cycle or vacuumed from the carpet.



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