sustainable packaging

This film is dissolving completely in water, and is ideal for single doses of dry materials

Octagonal-shaped box of sturdy cardboard with a coated liner

It is a facestock which is made entirely from sugar cane ethanol

This bio-based packaging is 100% compostable

Label material having a reduced basis weight means less material, water / energy consumption and less waste at the material manufacturer.

Stora Enso has introduced a new board grade for microwave-proof cups. Cupforma Natura PP comes with a coating that withstands being heated in the microwave and is therefore suitable for packaging soups and other foods as well as drinks sold in portions, such as cocoa.

High-volume packaging environments have to meet increasingly high requirements in terms of fill speed and reducing costs-in-the-box, while still delivering sustainable packaging. With the introduction of the FillPak SL, Ranpak has developed a solution that meets the following customer requirements: 

Eco friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap

Paper packaging replacing plastic

High barrier metal free packaging


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