Bemis Healthcare Packaging had developed Lidocare Pouch for NFI/UPM Pharmaceuticals.

A&R Carton Graz GmbH had developed a packaging for Tenz innovative screws. The Peek Box is an innovative packaging for a new high-tech screw.

CAF’s “ORUS” Squeegee Bucket Solution concentrate in a 5.25 pound “Box Pouch” created transformational results for both the marketer and the environment.

Loadhog Limited, a Sheffield (UK)-based, had manufactured innovatively designed collapsible container range to its armoury which further strengthens its position as a major industry player.

The Shaker Bag is an advanced distribution tool for the precise application of granular products.

BASF manufactures crop protection products for use in farms for agriculture purposes. The winning product addresses a nagging challenge of identifying an un tampered product and reassuring farmers on their choices.

RPC M&H Plastics has produced a new flexible tube to package and apply Crown Paints matchpot samples.

Flairosol ImPress 360 from Afa Dispensing Group (Afa) is recognised and promoted as the most innovative dispensing products in the animal & veterinary industries.

The product does not only have special technical refinements, but also uses them in a clearly structured design, which has a strong brand management and clearly communicates the “Brilliant Shine” product’s USP to the consumer.

Flextrus launched the first cooperation agreement in Europe with PopPack LLC, offering new “bubble in the seal” technologies to easily open flexible packages.


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