Optimal protection for overseas shipment of steering wheel switches is a challenging issue. DS Smith come out with a solution which minimise risks and reduce costs.

The Brush-twist combines hair care and brush in one product.

Parksons Packaging, a leading manufacturer and exporter of printed and laminated folding cartons, on Friday inaugurated a new folding carton plant in Sri City in Chittoor district. 

Two packing levels that have so far been undertaken in separate machines: cardboard box packaging and foil wrapping but now in single machine.

This pack is medium Knocked Down SKODA car body package for plant in India. In this pack there is designed a special rack, which allows 4 cars to be placed into one container. Development started with package for two horizontal shells.

Holfeld Plastics, a member of Waddington Europe, has developed Hydrozorb (H- PET) a low carbon, lightweight rPET material with organic and inorganic fillers

Ecodraft is a revolutionary development in the beverage industry. This system is within a strong HDPE keg. It presents a PATENTED DOUBLE BAG SYSTEM which separates the pressure medium completely from the drinks, guarantees a shelf life up to 2 years, and offers 100% safety to all users and environment.

This self promoting display transferred the change of “After Eight” product-design in an individual way and leads the end-user into temptation in a fine English style.

Gin bottle in an elegant and independent design. Very good ergonomics for superior handling. Subtle, rich in detail, effective.

The good looks and convenience of RPC Superfos’s EasySnacking pack were key factors in its selection by Lithuanian food producer Viciunai Group for a range of surimi sticks and fish salads.


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