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Bemis Healthcare Packaging had developed Lidocare Pouch for NFI/UPM Pharmaceuticals.

The features of this product are compact design for duty-free shops. The high fitting accuracy of the doors, double wall structure (preventing cracking of the hinge part) in which the inner wall of the hinge rotates smoothly.

A&R Carton Graz GmbH had developed a packaging for Tenz innovative screws. The Peek Box is an innovative packaging for a new high-tech screw.

CAF’s “ORUS” Squeegee Bucket Solution concentrate in a 5.25 pound “Box Pouch” created transformational results for both the marketer and the environment.

The closures used for 5-gallon water containers are known as HOD (Home and Office Delivery) closures. The necks of these containers are standard across the world.

Med-ic Syringe Pack equipped with Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitor) Technology submitted by Intelligent Devices SEZC Inc (IDI) for Information Mediary Corporation

Loadhog Limited, a Sheffield (UK)-based, had manufactured innovatively designed collapsible container range to its armoury which further strengthens its position as a major industry player.

The Shaker Bag is an advanced distribution tool for the precise application of granular products.

Hokey Pokey is a young startup ice cream brand based in India offers ridiculously good rich and creamy ice cream targeted at the youth. A

Onejet is the first motor driven disposable autoinjector, compatible with standard primary containers (PFS from 1 ml to 2,25 ml), designed to easily deliver high viscosity products.


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