packaging innovations

With DualPack, the construction of the two-piece box enables smaller and thus more sustainable shipping packaging. For example, if the consumer in the corrugated packaging receives shoes that he has ordered for fitting in two different sizes, he can use the lid of DualPack for the return shipment.

The Universal Box protects pumps with a variety of functions connected with drinking water, heating, ventilation and sewage removal.

Berlin has designed a closure that works for Torani Smoothie Mix, used in beverage services.

The product does not only have special technical refinements, but also uses them in a clearly structured design, which has a strong brand management and clearly communicates the “Brilliant Shine” product’s USP to the consumer.

Moreno Cedroni Confezione  is a beautiful line of fruit jams from one of Italy’s great culinary innovators.

This pack is manufactured and developed by Flex Films (USA) Inc. The mouth freshener market category is inundated with several brands, and the point-of-sale impact infused through packaging reproduction and design elements can drive impulse purchasing behavior.

A laminate tube which conforms to the Multiflex procedure high paper content

Roto-Rooter Preventive Pipe Shield Maintenance Treatment is a custom improvement on the industry-standard “F-Style” pour bottle.

A new airless pump from RPC is offering numerous benefits including a large dose and ease of use.

Glow in the dark for sleeves made of 40micron PET and printed with rotogravure. A beautiful sleeve giving an eye-catchy look, specially in it's dark


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