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Packaging should  not only protect, preserve, transport, inform, and sell the product but it should also be customer centric and thus it should keep consumer satisfaction and convenience as its aim

Paharpur 3P have developed a new shaped stand-up spout pouch for thepersonal care segment.

Foldable crate is  having a unique locking mechanism, along with other beneficial design elements

PackPlus South is a total processing, packaging and supply chain event. In 2018, this event is scheduled to organise from 09 to 12 March at Hall 1 & 2 of Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad.

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Environmental- friendly packaging solution for fragrances

Intuity Ject offers a unique, secure, automated alternative for simple and precise preparation and injection of drugs, in only 5 steps. This medical device is particularly intended for all biological products in vials, including viscous products, both in liquid and dry form, for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

The plastic pallet specially designed for automation processes in European format consists of a combination of polypropylene with glass fibre.

A chip, which is not visible from the outside and can not be manipulated, is installed in these closures, thus giving users a further possibility to increase the product safety of their products. The revolutionary shutter communicates seamlessly with any NFC-enabled smartphone. NFC readers are installed in almost all modern smartphones. For mobile phones without NFC readers or with an IOS operating system there are corresponding attachments. This technique can be incorporated into most closures from the company's standard program.

LINPAC teamed up with Tesco and Cargill, supplier of chicken products, to launch a new split pack for poultry that addresses portion control and food waste concerns.

RPC Bebo Bouxwiller is producing a 750g tub and lid for Graindorge’s traditional premium crème fraiche, which is sold at cheese counters in large retailers. The thermoformed polypropylene tub has been specifically designed for dairy applications. It combines lightweight and safe handling with tight-fitting lids to maintain the freshness of the products after opening. For added consumer convenience, a tab on the lid assists easy opening.


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