innovative pharma packaging

The development of this tray is based on the consumer habit of shaking the bottle when taking pills. It has been developed in order to improve usability and can be installed at the opening of the bottle, allowing it to dispense 1 or 2 pills at a time.

secondary packaging offers many possibilities for supporting patient communication.

Rondo offers Tamper Evidence solution that is integrated within the carton. The solution is replacement of traditional used counterfeiting or tampering solutions which had additional cost of procurement for glue and tape

This Israeli invention delivers the medication better to overcome the drawbacks of current inhalers, gives the patient real-time feedback and provides hard data for the physician.

CONSTANTIA Blister Eco is an economic blister lidding foil for PVC-blister with lower barrier requirements.

WestRock Launches the Child-Resistant, Consumer-Centric HiMark® CR Nasal Pump which is Child resistive.

Researchers have innovate a pill coated with tiny needles can deliver drugs directly into the lining of the digestive. 

taaneh provides authentication technology and counterfeiting solutions using diamond particles.

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