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Noida, 03 April 2017:  Have you felt the angst of standing under the shower trying to tear a shampoo sachet which simply refused to yield and finally you had to bite it open? Quite a nightmare --- isn’t it?

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Vertical Tabs

  • An innovative reclosable system designed for flexible packaging made of heat sealable PE.
  • Self-gripping closure comprising of self-mating micro- hooks.
  • Its hook to hook technology enables consumers to easily seal their package without perfect alignment.
  • Unlike other closures, EASY-LOCK by APLIX® is perfect for all ages and its resistance to particulates keeps freshness locked in!
  • It runs on automated packaging machines: Horizontal FFS Vertical FFS Pouch making machines.

Pocket Shot  is 50-mL plastic packs  small, unbreakable, easy-carry, easy-open, pocket-sized flexible “bottle”

The machine comes with two available modules; one for producing Single and Dual Gusset Shaped pouches with Front-Face Dispensing and one for making Side Gusset pouches with Front-Face Pour Spout. Each roll away, quick change module comes with a vibratory bowl feeder, rotary spout application system, servo motor, draw roller, electronics and tooling. The base machine of our new model is the versatile KSG Multoformat Pouch Machine. The new spouted pouch configuration will give converters the possibility to develop new market applications.

The Pulmuone Company was named a Gold Award winner in the 28th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for the development of a commercial, water-based adhesive for retortable pouches, a first-known application in the industry.

Noida, 14 March 2017: In contemporary times Digital Printing is the name of the game given its ability to offer ultimate solutions for flexible packaging, labels and decorative printing segments. The converting industry for long has been grappling with restricted availability of the right type of substrate supporting direct digital printing without prior priming /coating or surface treatment for that matter.


Bicycle repair kit for inner tubes. Fits in the smallest pocket. Minimal waste. Intelligent combination of established packaging technologies creates real added value for users.

R.O.P 's new product is engineered for extending cauliflower shelf life up to double the time compared to unwrapped cauliflower. The new cast keeps cauliflower fresh & crisp, preventing decay, shrivel and off-odor up to 12 days and saves weight loss up to 27%. Based on multi-layer cast polypropylene- fresh cast features extreme transparency, high gloss, anti-fog properties and high smoothness. The film strength and impact resistance make it ideal for processing and transporting of the produce.

The Ampac Pull Tab™ technology for stand-up beverage pouches is a new pouch concept for non-carbonated beverages and includes a pre-made pouch with high quality graphics on both the pouch and pull tab lid. The pull tab print can be customized and remains on the pouch with no waste. The flexible pouch can also be customized by pouch shape and straw size (up to 8mm). It is filled on a high-speed filling line with moderate investment costs.


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