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    A very innovative solution for sensitive non carbonated beverages

    If the content goes through fermentation then gases are generated and those could be safety issue. So to protect the consumers, those gases are automatically released through threading after a cut off

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    In our day to day life we come across with new Packaging innovations such as reusable packaging, biodegradable packaging and packaging using minimum material. Around the World many researchers, scientists, developers, designers are working on it.

    In this phase of innovation, a U.K. based company “Viscose Closure Limited (VCL)” developed a biodegradable tamper evident self shrinking cellulose sleeves that shrink itself at room temperature. Yes it’s true; these sleeves are biodegradable as they are made of regenerated cellulose derived from the wood pulp of fast-growing soft wood trees. These sleeves do not require any hot air, hot bath or high temperature to shrink. These sleeves are also called Viskrings.

    These rings are sufficient to provide a tamper-evident and counterfeit-proof secondary seal over any primary closure. Viskrings are non-toxic and preserved in mild preservative such as Polyethylene Glycol solution. These sleeves are supplied and applied in wet condition by hand or machine and allow drying and shrinking for 20 to 40 minutes. Viskrings shrinks 30% in transverse direction and 10% in vertical direction. Viskrings can be white, transparent, colored and printed. It can also be used as label, tamper-evident seal or as combined.

    Benefits of using Viskrings- tamper-evident, anti- counterfeit, prevent leakage, simple and inexpensive, tough & durable, cost effective and environmentally sound. The companies in which it can be used are- Food, Herbs, oils, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Beverages and Gas Cylinder. We can say this product is suitable where heat is used at a very critical point to pack the product.

    Viskrings have tensile strength of 45-60 Kg/cm2 and can be manufactured in 400 different colors. Viskring not only provide a biodegradable packaging but also provide colored, printed, tamper proof, heat proof and strengthened packaging.

    Viskrings by Viscose Closure Limited (VCL) are now also available in India. For more details please visit to

    this would be a great product for gas cylinders, oncology products and also to heat sensitive ophthalmic preparations

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    A very innovative solution for sensitive non carbonated beverages

    venting while capping? expalin

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    We generally heard people talking about best B schools, best engineering colleges, best Medical institutes but we never heard people talking about the best Packaging institutes. Why so? Is there no scope for packaging technology in industry? Or there is lack of packaging institute? Or People don’t have awareness about such courses?

    Being a packaging professional I think there are many reason involved. One of the reasons is lack of awareness and mentoring. If I talk about scope, then scope is tremendous. So based on my experience let me help you guys in selecting some of the top institutes. Here I will list few institutes which are providing specialised courses for packaging technology and are preparing the professionals to cater packaging industry.


    The Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) is an autonomous body and one of an apex body in India which was set up in 1966 by the packaging and allied industries and the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, with the specific objective of improving the packaging standards in the country. This institute is working under the administrative control of the Ministry of Commerce. There are various educational courses offered by this institute:

    • The Institute conducts a two years full time Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging (PGDP), open to the graduates in Science, technology, Engineering and allied fields.
    • The three months full time Certificate Course in Packaging (ITC) is suitable for fresh graduates preferably in science/Engineering who desire to make a career in Packaging Business/Profession.
    • Diploma under Distance Education Programme in Packaging (DEP) for 18 months correspondence course which is conducted on annual basis.
    • This institute also conduct short term training programmes in various industrial cities in the country for 1 day or 1 week durations.
    • This Executive Development Programmes (EDP) is designed for working executives as well as professionals needing to update their knowledge.


    School of Packaging/ Packaging Technology Centre at SIES (South Indian Education Society) was established in 2001 at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, India. This institute is providing various courses:

    • 2 year postgraduate programme in Packaging Science & Technology (eligibility: BSc/Btech or B.E/ Bpharm)
    • One year Graduate Diploma in packaging Technology (part time)
    • One year Graduate Diploma in Packaging Technology ( Distance learning) Industry oriented short term courses


    In 1952, Michigan State University became the first university in the USA to offer a degree in Packaging. Michigan State University is running its packaging courses under School of Packaging at Michigan State University which is affiliated with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. They are offering Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.), Master of Science (M.S.) & Ph.D. degree program in Packaging. Apart from this, they also offer some online packaging courses.


    Rochester Institute of Technology’s Packaging Science program was first established in 1972. It is an interdisciplinary degree that leads to either a bachelors or masters of Science.


    Clemson University is also one of the few institutes in U. S. which offers a degree in Packaging Science. This institute offer Bachelor, master and doctorate programs in packaging.


    The institute of Packaging Professionals is a packaging association serving the educational needs of the packaging community by offering the industry-standard courses for professional who are serving or related to packaging industry. There are various courses offered by institute according to different requirements. Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) is one of a course offered since 1972. With six years of packaging experience, one can apply for the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) program and one for those with less than six years of experience can become a Certified Packaging Professional in Training (CPIT).


    So guys, gear up if you are still looking for the top institutes in packaging. Infact we professionals can also pursue higher degrees from some of the top ones. Good Luck!



    Can you please suggest me the institutions in Andhra Pradesh or Goa?

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