Pomodoro technique to do more and plan your day

Pomodoro technique to do more and plan your day

Did you ever hear Pomodoro?  I am sure yes but if not , then its a tomato shaped timer generally kept in kitchen to help monitor various kithen processes like baking, toasting, roasting etc.  So looking at this Francesco was amazed with this tool in kitchen and developed a technqiue called Pomodoro technique in the '80s. It basically depends on the following 5 steps to implement:


1. Decide the task
​2. Set your timer to 25 minutes
​3. Work on your task for 25 minutes non stop
4. Take a break 3-5 minutes and then move to next task
​5. Complet 4 such tasks of 25 minutes with 3-4 minte break, and then go for longer break of say 15-30 minutes.

It basically breaks the tasks in small segments so that you can manage better with no boredom. Ideally speaking you should not be repeating the same task after task but it shoudl have variety. If you have similar task then try to bring some variation. Say read emails, make calls, search internet , reply emails , meet people etc. It all depends what type of task you have. 

​I have just started using it for myslef and it seems to bedoing wondrs for me and now I have all the time available, and do not feel time pressed. Try yourselves!  I got to know this from Ashwin Sanghi/Ashok Rajani's book 13 Steps to Bloody Good Marks, a must read not for students but busy corpoaret executives too, here is the Amazon link for the book https://www.amazon.in/13-Steps-Bloody-Good-Marks/dp/9386224763/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516453702&sr=8-1&keywords=13+steps+to+good+marks


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