PET Rounded Bottles from HPT

PET Rounded Bottles from HPT

PET material is ideal for many liquids, chemicals and solvents. PET rounded bottles are the greatest choice for the pharmaceutical companies in preserving agents and also they have strong consumer appeal.  

HPT is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of PET rounded bottles with tamper-evident closure & also available in child resistant version. PET is standard material in making rounded bottles at HPT.

At HPT, PET rounded bottles are manufactured in accordance with the established guidelines of the industry. Our professionals use high grade material to manufacture these pharma pet bottles.

PET rounded bottle available sizes are:

  • 100ml
  • 200ml
  •  250ml
  • 300ml

Why HPT? HTP can create a perfect high quality packaging solution for you

  • Untouched: If requested HPT offer the advantage of a product without any human contact
  • Minimize your risk: GMP plus is the protected premium brand of HPT an additional service individually combinable
  • Cleanness in a new dimension: Production in clean room class B,1000 (ISO7 in operation) is possible
  • Definitely DNA free: If requested HPT can certify that their products are residue- free

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