Avedon Classic and Packaging Creativity

Today in the aircraft from Mumbai to Delhi, I was reading the newspaper Mail Today, New Delhi 19 November 2010.

Packaging wastage at packaging exhibitions: how can we reduce to make our planet greener?

Packaging waste is always a question running in everybody's mind and lot of discussions around. Sometimes when i visit, i see so much packaging waste is generated in packaging exhibitions. Exhibitors distribute tonnes of brochures to their visitors and then they carry those home. And that extra weight also leads to extra fuel burning in planes due to additional weight.

Shape not the size

During my last trip to CPHI in Paris, while in Metro, I noticed an interesting advertisemnt poster in metro by Levi's . It says that We beleive it, about shape not size. Since I am packaging, I immediately connected it to packaging and thought, how true it  is? Isn't it?

Anti-Counterfeit:Big Problem, Simple Solutions

Counterfeit is a big problem but not many companies really want to come in open and admit this issue. This is the fact which is well appreciated as corporates would like to protect their brand identity too.

Packaging Slogans from the Packaging Club

Mr B K Karna, my classmate, friend and Dy Director at Indian Institute of Packaging, Hyderabad has started the historic campaign to write a Packaging Slogan everyday.

Ideas & Opportunities Through Www.Packagingconnections.Com 5 August 2010, Thursday, New Delhi, India

We are happy to announce our first direct, face to face interaction in New Delhi, India. This has been regularly requested by our visitors. The agenda would cover the following:

Vicar of Wakefield

Oliver Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield says: "I was ever of the opinion that the honest man who married and brought up a large family, did more service than who continued single and talked of population."

Lesson in Leadership from Capt. J S Verma: Putting your men before you

I am reading Simply Fly by Captain Gopinath. In this book, he mentioned what Capt. J S Verma of armoured corps told him:

Use Of Opp Film In India For Packaging: Globally Opp Is 3 Times Higher Than Pet Film But In India, Its Almost Same

Other day at the airport, I met an old friend of mine. he is also from the packaging field and we then started talking about OPP film use in India.

Gravity never sleeps !

I had been reading Lufthansa magazine on one of my European trips. Flight instructor Cord Becker, a former Lufthansa pilot with some 20,000 flight hours under his belt, now regularly writes for Lufthansa Magazine on Aviation topics, In May 2010, he wrote on landing.

3Monkeys Of Mahatma Gandhi And Packaging

 This is the picture I have taken at Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad at Mahatma's Gandhi's museum.

Listen to Winds of Change at

Do you know the song Listen to Winds of Change are blowing by the group The Scorpions formed in Germany. This was written in 1989 and the album was published in 1990. This happened when Berlin wall came down, communism went away from USSR etc.

Metal Waste Picking From Garbage Using Magnetic Sticks

See the picture of a rag pickers helping india to recycle more. He is using a stick with magnets at the end and trying to find small metal objects, nails, screws etc in such a big heap of garbage. I tool this picture on my way to office this morning and then i saw some more people doing such picking using similar sticks in the middile of traffic.

Effect Of Moisture And Packaging On The Shelf Life Of Wheat Flour

This is the critical part of our dailf food in India: Wheat flour. Now more and more of it coming into packaged form and still many things are not clear. So there is a good case study here and you can read that. If you have something more to auggest, please do share with us.

Bulk Empty pack transporting air

 This is the common site in India when empty bulk pack containers are transported. Can we think of a bettr way to transport these?

Who needs packaging? Give 10 reasons,

Let us throw everything that we use today that came in some kind of packaging and then see how does it make any difference to our life?

Colourful Way To Display Shrink Labels In Real Life

 Interesting how shapes come alive. See the display picture at India Packaging Show 2010 in Hyderabad.

Nokia's Bluetooth Headset Overpackaging

 I just lost my Nokia's Bluetooth while security check last night at the airport.

Aerosol Packaging: Basic Guide For The Beginners's team has published the 96 page power point guide on Aerosol Packaging. Its quite affordable and useful. It covers the following topics:

Packaging: The Game Changer 19 March 2010

Indian institute of packaging, new delhi centre organized a one day national seminar packaging for emerging markets at the claridges, new delhi. The seminar was the great success and new ideas were presented by india's leading packaging experts. was the media partner to the seminar.

Why Not Pepsico

 I had been many a times asked the quuestion Why did I leave PepsiCo, I had many reasons but could not openly share all of them.

Latex Wad/Liners In Aluminium Ropp Caps

 Today, we got an interesting request about the use of Latex liners in aluminium ROPP caps and the following questions had been raised:

Fashion Packaging At P-Exchange

I think fasion packaging is often ignored specially in india by organized companies. Fashion is everywhere but still those come from unorganised players most of the time.

Creativity: New Dimensions

Recently I was at Prague airport waiting for my flight. While roaming, I noticed a poster. I do not know what does that mean but they have nicely changed the bum line seen from the slipping trousers into a smiley. This is the great way of using any situation positively. This is nothing but simple creativity. Here is the picture for you.

Ban On Plastic Laminates For Packaging In India: MOEF Draft Notification-Plastic( Manufacturer,Usage And Waste Management) Rules,2009

There is a notification by Government of India to ban many plastic laminates which looks like that a decision without really thinking about solutions. unfortunately there is hardly any reaction seen by the media in India or by packaging suppliers. Only few companies like GSK, Reliance, Dabur India have reacked, may be there are more but not known to us.

Involvement Of Top Management In Packaging: Dr Vinod Karnik

Recently I came across Dr Karnik's interviw at fnbnews. Dr Karnik's first interviw was published at .

Karnataka floods: how packaging can help?

There are sever floods in some parts of Karnataka. There is a big problem of food and safe drinking water. May people are working on it. I got a call from Dr Jagannatha Rao of Koday group to help them.

Air india (ai) & commonwealth games 2010: how packaging defeats?

Today i saw an interesting advertisement in the times of india about the ai to be declared airline partner for commonwealth games 2010. This is normal for any such important events that national carrier becomes the partner. Now my question is : can they really fulfill their responsibility or will they add to the problem.

First We Loose Health To Gain Money , And Later We Loose Money To Gain Health

I read this somewhere and found to be absolutely true. In you age, we all want to make money and so don't care so much about health, start saving money. Later on when we are not that healthy, we withdraw from the same savings to take care of health. So be after money so much early in life, let us be after health also. Under Attack

Its rather unfortunate that world's leading network of packaging is being attacked by some unscrupulous people and some visitors got adversely affected. But thanks to our strong technical team who monitors the activities round the clock and caught this immediately and started addressing the issues.

Dustbins outside Patiala House, New Delhi and Packaging: Who is responsible MCD or NDMC or ???

This is the picture of upside down dustbins outside Patiala House, New Delhi. I think its near Gate#4 which is quite close to India Gate which probably teh cleanest public place in capital and Patiala House is the court complex where criminal cases are discussedto arrive at justice.

Indian Institute Of Packaging Alumni Website Is Back Www.Iipalumni.Org

 This is the new iip alumni website earlier this was called but now this has been migrated to 

P-Exchange At Www.Packagingconnections.Com

You will see our new initiative p-exchange at this is the unique service we started for our members. This is the pace where all our members can start interacting, discuss their packaging experience, discuss their problems, discuss their ideas.

Indian Snacks Gole Gappe: Packaging Now Done

 This is what i saw recently readymade gole gappe popularly known in mumbai as paani puri. Earlier it was hard to find this indian moth watering snack readymade and one had to go to street side hawker most of the time.

Packaging Students From Indian Institute Of Packaging, New Delhi 2009

Its quite surprising that india is on sunshine of packaging industry but students of indian institute of packaging are still searching jobs. They have done two year full time post graduation course from this premier institute and are now helpless. Some of the students have even taken education loans. Some of them contacted me personally to help them.

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea Bags By Hindustan Unilever

Recently while on a business trip across India last week with my German colleague I was tarveling by Jet Airways. I noticed that Hindustan Unilever had come out with a very nice looking and nice graphics pack with single tea bag inside saying Exclusive Selection of finest teas. It also had the nicely printed booklet with lots of picture telling how to make nice tea.


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