The Year 2011 For Packagingconnections And The Way Forward

 If I have seen farther than other men, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.’ – Sir Isaac Newton My fellow friends of PackagingConnections, We hope that you have a great start to the new year 2012 both privately and business-wise with your friends, family and relatives.

Interpack Innovation 2011 Report

Sanex Packaging connection Pvt Ltd unveils the Year’s biggest Packaging Innovation report. Interpack 2011 world’s largest packaging show was held in May 2011 and PackagingConnections’ team attended the event held in Düsseldorf , Germany.

The Power Of Metal Packaging

This is a natural miracle in a natural world. Metal is made from a natural resource in huge quantities. It comes from earth and goes back to earth going through natural process of oxidation/ so this is truly recyclable as there is no concept of virgin metal really speaking. Ardagh group has published the great book on this and i really liked it.

Blanket ban on plastic bags soon : New Delhi,

What a irony that there is a blanket ban on plastics is proposed which would impact the business of more than 250 million USD but no solutions are proposed. My basic thing is if something is wrong then why allow at the first time , and if it has to be stopped then why not answers to tackle the issue.

Bridging The Gap: Packaging & Consumers

Bridging the gap a popular game stuck our attention today. The game is very much similar to what we do as packaging professionals. The game involves building a bridge for a train, and sees whether it safely passes the bridge to other side. There is limited material and budget for building the bridge and the train can move at varying speeds.

One More Push: How To Keep India On The Path To Prosperity

 I was reading Times of India today and noticed this advertisement by The Economist.

Is Packaging an Art or Science?

This is quite interesting that some people look at packaging as an art while some just look at it like science. Lot of work on packaging is dine by advertising companies who mostly come with art background.

Lessons We Learn From Geese

Very interesting and useful. I receiced this from one of my friends and thought of sharing with you:

Is Packaging Sustainability Is Really Sustainable? What Is The Secret?


The Era Of Connectivity: Packagingconnections

The wise man listens to meaning; the fool only gets the noise. The modern Greek poet C.P.

What Does Packaging Mean To You?

Its quite interesting that packaging means different to different people. Like some would say its protection to products and that is its function, and after that they are not concerned. Some would say it the means of carrying the product and some would say both.

M F Husain : India's Picasso Passes Away

Colours on canvas and creativity are like a creative packaging for products to make the first impression.  Today morning, India's great painter MF Husain known as India's Picasso passed away in London today morning 9th June 2011 at the age of 95.

Uimv: Unique Id Mobile Verification: How Does It Work And What Is The Danger ?

Manufacturing details are associated with unique identification code and code is securely printed at the point of manufacturing.

Everything is in thinking: Packaging Books

Everything is in thinking: This was the line that I noticed somewhere and it got me thinking again. Books are the great source to aid thinking, when we start thinking, we also come out with new ideas and then those ideas can lead to actions. Actions will then decide our performance/existence in this world.

The Seeds Of Packaging Knowledge:

 I had been reading the column Speaking Tree in the Times of India. Recently I read talking about the Seeds Of Knowledge.

Satellites in Orbit and PackagingConnections at Interpack 2011

 India had a Grand Success as PSLV puts 3 satellites in orbit. This 17th PSLV was launched by ISRO on Wednesday 20th April 2011.

Cup Of Joy And Packagingconnections

We congratulate Indian Cricket Team to win the World Cup.

3Point Review Of Packaging Companies, Buyers, Suppliers And Feedback Online

The difference between what we do and what we are

Girls Like Trandy , Sleek, Near Weightless And Not Glass Containers For Nail Paint

Recently while a over the tea conversation with some of my colleagues, a discussion on cosmetic packaging erupted. Discussion stirred towards enamels and near unanimously all the female counterparts said that they were vary of the good old cylindrical shaped glass bottles.

Track & Trace Requirement Of Government Of India For Pharmaceutical Exports From July 2011

I understand that Government of India has announced that all pharmaceutical export shipments must have track & trace feature to avoid any spurious Indian pharmaceutical products in the market. Governemnt of India has recommended 2D bar coding.

Do ew really need packaging?

This is the question hit me one day, that Do we really need packaging? If yes, then why and if no, again why?  Thinking about it, we started a Poll at Linkedin and started getting interesting results and comments. You too can give your opinion and comments.

Bear Encounter and Packaging

 Packaging does matter and if you w

Anti-counterfeiting based on Number system: Securespin

Now there is a scheme in India  for anti-counterfeiting based on number system. This is Information Technology Act 2008 compliant in India and confirms to common principles of Information Technology Acts in countries across the world.

Packaging Industry Growing 10% Annually In India, Market Size , Approx 13 Billion Usd Market

Today in the Mail Today I read that Indian packaging industry is growing approx 10% annually and estimated packaging market is 13 billion USD. The growth is happening due to growth of pharma and food industries. Its also getting lot of push by the growth of retail outlets in India.

Gutkha & packaging Mail Today 8 Dec 2010

 This is quite interesting that Honourable court is banning the plastic sachet packaging for Gutkha.

Ashok Chaturvedi, UFlex and packaging Times of India 8 Dec 2010

 I do not know what is right or wrong here but I know Mr Chaturvedi has given a new face to flexible packaging industry

Indian bread Roti in Jet Airways 9W309 Mumbai Delhi flight, 3rd Dec 2010

 Nice food served in Jet Airways 9W 309 flight on 3rd December 2010 on my way back to Delhi after CPHI India 2010.

Everyone Looks Better From Behind

  Quite a point, I think many a times, same happens with packaging.

PET Film crisis in India - New opportunities

" Each problem has hidden within it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem.

Avedon Classic and Packaging Creativity

Today in the aircraft from Mumbai to Delhi, I was reading the newspaper Mail Today, New Delhi 19 November 2010.

Packaging wastage at packaging exhibitions: how can we reduce to make our planet greener?

Packaging waste is always a question running in everybody's mind and lot of discussions around. Sometimes when i visit, i see so much packaging waste is generated in packaging exhibitions. Exhibitors distribute tonnes of brochures to their visitors and then they carry those home. And that extra weight also leads to extra fuel burning in planes due to additional weight.

Shape not the size

During my last trip to CPHI in Paris, while in Metro, I noticed an interesting advertisemnt poster in metro by Levi's . It says that We beleive it, about shape not size. Since I am packaging, I immediately connected it to packaging and thought, how true it  is? Isn't it?

Anti-Counterfeit:Big Problem, Simple Solutions

Counterfeit is a big problem but not many companies really want to come in open and admit this issue. This is the fact which is well appreciated as corporates would like to protect their brand identity too.

Packaging Slogans from the Packaging Club

Mr B K Karna, my classmate, friend and Dy Director at Indian Institute of Packaging, Hyderabad has started the historic campaign to write a Packaging Slogan everyday.


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