Packaging Options For Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules

Packaging Options For Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules

Packaging of these capsules is always a challenge mainly due to the fact that these become brittle due to moisture loss. So controlled transportation is critical and expensive also. Normally companies in India pack them in PE bags, then in thermocole (Polystyrene) boxes and then in 5 ply corrugated boxes. These are then transported but for exports, these go into refrigerated containers. So all this makes it too expensive. Are you aware of any internationally accepted cost effective & functional packaging system for these? This is the way I know things are done by some in India. We have been approached by one company to recommend some more options. We do have some ideas but would like to discuss it with our reders too,

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  • anon
    Badal (not verified)

    Dear Sir We can try the Option Of corrugated plastic container. one time cost will be more. But we can use this again and again. But we have to ensure to get it collected from the consumers end i.e end user company. Like WHO or in european countries people are using one type of thermal shipper to maintain the temp inside so that proper dosing od vaccine can be given and these are used again and again. We can think of this option. Pl. give your view regarding this. Rgds badal

    May 30, 2010
  • sandeep's picture

    thank you Badal. Corrugated plastic box seems difficult as collection is complex. They export worldwide but idea  of thermal shipper is good. I have no idea what is thermal shipper. Do you have any more details or links where we can see those details.   thank you, Sandeep Goyal

    May 30, 2010
  • anon
    adarshapackaging (not verified)

      I am using much similar PRODUCTS, I thank you for the detailed information about this.    <a href="" /a>5 ply corrugated Box manufacturers

    May 17, 2013
  • anon

    Firstly I would like to thanks for shared useful information I really appreciate with your website I have never heard about of the Gelatin Capsules basically there are two types of Gelatin Capsules one is the soft and 2nd Hard Gelatin Capsules.

    Mar 27, 2017

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