The Math of Success in Packaging

The Math of Success in Packaging

math of success Like many other subjects, packaging is also one of the service functions and so just knowledge of packaging as a technology is not sufficient to succeed at work place. May a time professionals do many additional part-time evening courses or correspondence courses. The courses cover part-time MBA, supply chain, retail, finance etc. Really speaking all these additional courses are of little help to support the core function of packaging that we study and companies take us to perform. So we are neither here nor there. transf-skillsSo quiet often I had been asked what should young packaging professionals be doing to improve the success at work place as simple subject knowledge is not sufficient. Over the years, I had been observing and discussing it with other professionals too.   And the list of skills that are essential to be an effective packaging professional is given below:  
  1. Public speaking
  2. Basic knowledge of psychology
  3. Business writing skills
  4. The basics of design
  5. Proper grammar
  6. The art of persuasion
  7. Some other technology as hobby in addition to packaging
  8. Bit of acting & voice control (theatre skills)
  9. Good working knowledge of Excel/PowerPoint etc say Microsoft Office
  10. Some basic knowledge of database management like Microsoft Access
  11. Project Management skills
  12. Social networking skills
  13. Visibility management
  14. Some foreign language
  15. Any outdoor sports
  16. Some basic knowledge of softwares like photo shop, corel draw etc
  17. Know the art of storey telling
  18. Bring some spirituality in life as it pays
  19. Join some NGO kind of group to support social cause
  20. Learn to teach/coach
25_IS_2243703_boboling_2x1The moment you will start acquiring these skills, your chances would improve dramatically and you will be amazed with yourselves.  Don't be satisfied with dissatisfaction,  Just try!

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  • amitavenkatesh's picture

    Wow sir so simply put the real need of the time is exactly what you have mentioned. Industry needs more and more senior professionals who can turn into mentors and impart this to the younger generation. Every profession has its own challenges and struggle and getting to the hill is always a big task. The younger professionals entering the industry must understand this fact and be ready for learning and working hard. There are no shortcuts.

    Sep 15, 2015
  • anon

    yes, that's true but funny thing is that people want to first do courses with glamour rather than first acquiring the skills. What we first need is developing the right skills to perform the job

    Sep 15, 2015
  • anon
    Dinesh Batra (not verified)

    Great insight in to the success mantra for Packaging professional. Hope people will start working on these guidelines..

    Sep 16, 2015
  • chhavi221201's picture

    Interesting to know the important skills that we should adapt, not only as a packaging technologist but also as a professional (irrespective of the industry you are in). Thanks for sharing

    Oct 13, 2015

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