Lack Of Packaging Education

Lack of Packaging Education

Lack Of Packaging Education

When we are unable to achieve what we want in life, we often regret and start thinking negative. The same is with the packaging education systems as well. We professionals have hands-on experience on various packaging processes and materials but there are lot of other topics about which we may be completely clueless. Does this make us “unfit” for a particular job? Even if not, we feel dejected or negative about this half cooked knowledge or the missing information”.


We are often called up my networks to discuss on a particular topic in packaging. They even ask about the specific courses that they could do as profession course in packaging. At PackagingConnections we love to hear from you and come up with the solution of industry problems related to packaging.


Before finding the solution of this “Lack of Packaging Knowledge” we though to conduct a survey that shall give a clear idea on industry demands and pain points of students and professionals in respect to packaging knowledge and guidance. 

Here is the link of survey or fill the survey right below this post... -



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