BPA one more challenge to Food Packaging Industry

BPA one more challenge to Food Packaging Industry

There are lots of challenges to the food packaging industry. Food packaging industries are using BPA from almost 50 years and no company label is mentioned any information about BPA in their product packaging. Basic functionality of the BPA is to stop the reaction between food and surface. If BPA is banned by packaging governing bodies then one more tough challenge ahead for the food packaging industry.

Plastic is commonly used in food containers, bottles and wrapping materials as well as in the linings of tin cans. But plastic packaging contains BPA (also known as Bisphenol A) is not good for health and more on it’s very difficult to find where BPA is put on packaging. But most of the doctors, scientists from word wide say that consumption of low levels of BPA will not have any effect on health. Some experiments over animals show that BPA can damage kidney and liver. BPA can be risk factor in woman as it effects the structural changes in woman breasts which can lead to the breast cancer but there is no scientific evidence is available as of now.

Most of the countries are not happy with the France decision taken on ban to BPA from food packaging from 1st Jan 2015.

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