Indian Retail Market and Packaging 2013 and Tesco

December 18, 2013 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General, Innovations

Its interesting to see how Indian Retail market is changing and growing. Tesco is now going to be new entrant in India as it looks like. It was in the newspapers all over today. Its a good thing to happen as Indian consumers would have access to better quality products through better packaging. I feel that success of all these chains depend heavily on quick packaging solutions. So Indian packaging industry needs to gear up for small run but high quality packaging solutions. It says that retail market is worth$500 billion, this means even if we take 5% as packaging cost then its about $25 billion packaging market. So good news for packaging community.

So Indian packaging industry need to be not only quick but also innovative and we at are always trying to show the packaging innovations from across the globe. let us see how Tesco now changes the packaging scenario in India, good luck to them and welcome to India.

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