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March 19, 2012 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General, IIPAlumni

Mr B K Karna , President of IIP alumni has proposed the World packaging day on 24th March. We fully support it since this was the day 24th March 2006 that we published first Good Morning Packaging Newsletter. on 24th March 2012 we would complete 6 years of non stop publishing of this knowledge sharing packaging newsletter that too free of charge.  This is published for last 6 years continuously every week. With your support, we have not misssed any week in last 6 years. The first letter went to about 20 people and now it has crossed the membership of 76,000+ members.

On this historical day, we have already proposed that any requests on or before 24th March would be converted to premium membership free of charge for the next one year. You can email your requests to

I also understand that Packaging Walk is being organized across the country in various cities. So you can also do so in your city and please do send us the pictures and we would be happy to publish. You can do son directly yourself also in this blog,

With this Enjoy Wonders of Packaging!

Sandeep Goyal

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  1. Karna says:

    we have taken the Initiative, to celebrate the event as “WORLD PACKAGING DAY” with a “PACK –WALK” at the Necklace Road, which starts at 9 Am on 24th March, 2012, from the People’s Plaza to the Large Circle of NTR Marg and back to the People’s Plaza, in Association with Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI). 

    Packaging association like AP Plastic Manufacture Association and Corrugated Manufacture Association have also extended the support for PACK WALK on the Occasion of World Packaging Day.

    We have invited Hon’ble Sri Mohammad Majid Hussain, Mayor of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Hyderabad as Chief Guest for the Occasion.

    Happy to inform that the country has got the “BEST” Institute in the field of packaging with large infrastructural facilities for the dissemination of knowledge and information in packaging. And thus, today, the country has become the “GLOBAL HUB” for the supply of all types of packaging materials and as well as packaging education through Indian Institute of Packaging.

  2. hiamnshu says:

    great great 

  3. Shubhabrata Basu says:

    Great effort. We all are with you. We, on behalf of IIP-Alumni Kolkata will celebrate “WORLD PACKAGING DAY” on 24th at IIP-Kolkata campas.  

  4. A SHESH RAJ says:

    Dear Karna,
    Good initiative.AGI glaspac being the major player in Container Glass Industry is with you in this GREAT EVENT.

  5. Shubhabrata Basu says:

    Dear Friends,
    In our economy today, Packaging plays a very important role. In the era of retail world, packaging is not only protects the product but also it plays a vital role in terms on attraction, communication and brand promotion. The role of packaging in the modern marketing scenario is well established as it plays a great role for the value addition, cost reduction and also to enhance the shelf life of any commodity goods.
    We use lots of packaging materials since morning to evening. The disposal of these packaging materials is also to be looked upon to save our environment. We have learnt the concept of packaging from our “Mother Nature”, so we have our primary responsibility to save our Nature also. We must follow the 4R's hierarchy in designing a packaging i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.
    Today packaging is a necessity.     
    Indian institute of Packaging alumni Association has taken the lead role to celebrate the proposed “World Packaging Day” on 24th March. We will request you all to come forward and join hand with us to observe the “World Packaging Day” on 24th March.
     In Kolkata, all our friends are requested to assemble in IIP-Kolkata Campus, Salt-Lake City at 4 pm for the celebration of “World Packaging Day” on 24th March 2012 (Saturday).
    Thanking you,
    Shubhabrata Basu
    IIP-Alumni (Kolkata) 

  6. Sriman Banerjee says:

    Dear Shubhabrata, Karna,
    Very Positive initiative, particularly on the Part where while we have learnt from Mother Nature about Packaging, in the same note packaging is playing an equal role in generating waste without proper disposable or recycling mechanism.
    Couple of thought starters :
    1)      We need to have a Logo of World Packaging Day, Which also needs to roll out Globally with IIP as a Umbrella Platform.
    2)      While this year we may do within our close group at IIP, next year onwards it needs to be rolled out Globally, where people can celebrate in their work places as well.
    3)      The activity needs to be a balance of Fun and Education about Packaging.
    Packaging Today is not only about Innovation, but moving into Sustainability & Recyclability with special mention of Reducing the Footprint of Packaging at retail.
    Lets Enjoy & Have a nice weekend.
    Kind Regards,
    Sriman Banerjee.

  7. Hi Every body !!!
    This is an excellent initiative ! All the best & Good luck. Enjoy!!! the day  
    Agree with Sriman Comment about a " Logo " & others .
    So communicate with each other & create more awareness about Packaging .  
    Best Regards,

  8. Darshan Vartak says:

    Dear All,
    I have designed a logo of World Packaging Day. I fully agree with Sriman Bannerjee.
    Theme for logo is Packaging is ''Environmental friendly'' , as all companies are now reducing carbon footprint.
    I am sharing it on Facebook as well.
    Happy World Packaging Day :)
    Darshan Vartak

  9. Darshan Vartak says:

    We are celebrating World Packaging Day today i.e 24th March 2012. 
    Theme for logo is Packaging is Environmental Friendly.We are making world environmental friendly by choosing proper packaging material and hence reduce carbon footprint.
    Like and share this to as many people as you can so that we can tell the world that we Indians started World Packaging Day. Happy World Packaging Day :)

  10. Fouzia Mujeeb says:

    Hi Sir
    I am the Student of Diploma Course J N Govt Polytechnic Ramanthapur, Packaging Technology stream, I also joined this pack walk on behalf of my college
    Its a Great effort

  11. MOHAN KANODIA says:

    have a good day and we are with you in your sucess

  12. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Wish u all the best on world packaging day

  13. Maneesh Sharma says:

    Dear All, Let us take one theme as Darshan Vartak mentioned as "Contribution towards Environment " and publish after one year the Amount in carbon foot print or tonnage we were able to save as a community.Let us spread this across Alumni members and collate region wise and nationally to use thus data for our entity.Regards,Maneesh SHARMA,3rd Batch 

  14. Sandeep Goyal

    Hello Faujia
    Thank you, you are gerat and welcome to Pack Walk,
    Enjoy Wonders of Packaging!

  15. Sandeep Goyal

    Watch the exclusive video on World Packaging Day Pack Walk in Hyderabad at

  16. Pawan Ram says:

    Congratulation for your wonderful sucess & completing 6 years in packaging field
    Appriciating for ur all support & sharing knowledge with us… beliving u will progress more & achive the limit
    Thanks making me part of ur sucess … hoping u will give ur positive support in future similarly
    Pawan Ram
    Packaging Development Officer
    Cipla Ltd.

  17. Wishing good luck and a great future to all, related to the packaging sector.
    Mukul Tripathi
    Product Development Manager,
    BJD Paper Products

  18. Naresh Arora says:

    Dear Sir,
    We required stretch film  wrapping system  for PVC long profile, Aluminium sections, PVC pipe and similar products. If you have and know any manufacturer please inform.

  19. The world has witnessed amazing technologies over the years in every field. May be its Steve job’s apple wonders! Revolutionary developments 4G technologies in the case of communication, Google’s mind boggling discoveries, super fast trains, nano chips and so on! So everyone has started appreciating these developments and enjoying the fruits of these results.

    Yet, there has been a silent technology which is hidden and cannot be disintegrated from our daily life so much, that we even forget about its occurrence. That’s Packaging!!


    Yes, Packaging, the silent Sales Man, the 5th P of marketing, which extends life of products. Packaging does not have a death; it keeps on integrating with any product as long as the universe exists.


    Imagine, what would have happened to world if those billions of gallons of milk could not be preserved with the help of packaging innovations. Imagine billions of tons of fruits and vegetables that could go waste without the invention of unbelievable processing and preserving inventions that include packaging innovations as well.



    Also the message that Packaging technology today is just not about Innovative concepts, but working towards increased use of life cycle inventory ( LCI) and life cycle assessment(LCA) thereby reducing the environmental impact and ecological foot print.



    Despite all this, many people still feel a little shy to claim that they chose Packaging as a profession like any other engineer or a doctor or an IT professional. Today, a packaging technocrat should feel proud that he is part of a big team, that’s saving the Nation! Yes, growth of packaging is now a days, being considered as Economic growth indicator of any country. It is imperative to create more awareness about PACKAGING in the society and encourage Youth to take up Packaging as profession. In countries like
    India, this is more vital than any other place on the globe, with the retail boom at its peak!


    Indian Institute of Packaging,
    Hyderabad centre was inaugurated on 24th March, 2006. Ever since, the anniversary is being celebrated as Packaging Day with great enthusiasm and now with the initiation of IIP Alumni President, Mr.B.K.Karna it’s decided that this day should be celebrated as World Packaging Day. Scores of packaging professionals, current students and various packaging industrialists pledged their support towards this cause apart from PackagingConnections' offered full support by way of communicating to their 76,000+ packaging fraternity across the globe. This was great as it is in perfectly line with their knowledge sharing philosophy.

    Incidentally Founder Sandeep Goyal of is also from the first batch of Indian Institue of Packaging. Sandeep informed me that also released their first Good Morning Packaging Newsletter on 24th March 2006, what a coincidence!


    For the first ever time in the history, Pack Walk (March for Packaging ) was performed by around 500 packaging students and professionals, industrialists on 24th March, 2012. The flag off for the March was done by Mr.K.V.KrishnaReddy, the cabinet Minister of the State. Host of associations like Plastics, corrugated boxes, machinery manufacturers supported this event. Mr.V.S.Raju, the president of FAPCII ( Federation of AP Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Mr.Chakravarthi AVPS, Chairman of Indian Institute of Pacakging, Hyderabad, Mr.N.C.Saha, IIP alumni Chairman and host other dignitaries took part in this Pack Walk. This event became a grand success, in a sense it evoked great response from general public, and succeeded in creating awareness on Packaging.


    On the same day evening, the anniversary was celebrated with a cake cutting ceremony, A summit of Users and Vendors of Packaging meet was organised on this occasion. This event was successful as well with more than 250 delegates’ active participation with their enthusiastic interaction with each other!

    Chakravarthi AVPS
    Managing Director

    Ecobliss India

  20. Karna says:

    India marks World Packaging Day

    Please click the link on World Packaging Day


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