3 monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi and Packaging

June 03, 2010 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General, IIPAlumni, Innovations

 This is the picture I have taken at Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad at Mahatma's Gandhi's museum. These three monkeys are popolarly known as Mahtma Gandhi's monkeys and convey the follwing message:

1. Never talk bad
2. Never listen bad
3, Never see bad

Now, can we related this to packaging options like:

1. Develop the packaging options that never convey bad message
2. Develop the packaging options that never sounds bad like making bad noise when we pick up/open the pack
3. Develop the packaging that really looks good and never looks bad

This is just an idea that I thought when I was at the Ashram today with my German partners,

Please do comment and enjoy your packaging ideas, Sandeep Goyal

2 Responses to “3 monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi and Packaging”

  1. V.Natesan says:

    Dear Mr.Sandeep Goyal,
    Very interesting.
    1.First monkey says "Speak no evil"
    2.Second monkey says "See no evil"
    3.Third monkey says"Hear no evil"
    There is one more monkey which Says THINK NO EVIL…….
    Head sales and marketing(Pharma business)
    MB sugars and pharmaceuticals limited.,
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  2. Sandeep Goyal

    Dear Mr Natesan
    Thank you, what are the products in pharma business?
    regards, Sandeep Goyal

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